Thursday, February 10, 2011

Letting go

Mixed media ( glue, coffee, acrylic and collage on paper.) 29x41cm.
On the Seamstress ( I really would  prefer to call it 'Näherin'... as the word seamstress is very new to me...)
 I did a bit of experimenting today with glue and coffee. At the beginning of the painting, I just used glue. When it was dry I used the coffee, and the coffee colour just stayed strong where there was no glue. It gave it already a 'printed' feel... that I reinforced with the simple colours at the end. WAS FUN TO DO  ..... I like experiments :)

Letting go Mixed media on paper 29x41cm.
Yesterday's work. Trying to go a bit away of the light brown collage colour....


  1. Gefällt mir sehr, dein versuch mit den dunkleren farben und der hellen schrift.auch die blau -grau töne sind klasse.
    gerne mehr von deinen experimenten.;)

  2. danke Petra :) sobald man versucht etwas ernsteres aus den Experimenten zu machen, ist der ganze Zauber dann auch schon wieder hin.... kennst Du das auch so ? Lieben Gruss aus dem immer noch auf Sommer wartenden Melbourne ...

  3. Your Seamstress is stunning. I can see and feel the movement of sewing..... and it brings back memories of my mom who was a seamstress.

  4. thank you Robyn, I always like to look at seamstress , they always look so concentrated... a bit like artists I would say !