Tuesday, February 15, 2011

sewing machine

Machine. Mixed media on pattern paper. 21x29cm.
There are days, where I have NOOOO idea what to paint or draw... And then , the coincidence is helping ... It shows though, that the theme really is not that important ! It does not matter WHAT you paint or draw, as long it inspires you ....

Bon anniversaire! 


  1. woow I love the firts pic!very inspiring!Thanks!

  2. Genau.So kommen manchmal die schönsten Arbeiten zustande!

  3. Die Nähmaschine auf dem Schnittbogen-Papier - ganz tolle Arbeit.
    Aha.. so sieht das also aus wenn Du "Noooo Idea" hast. ;) da kommen also so schöne Arbeiten dabei heraus.

  4. thank you Ilka, .... After knowing a bit your wonderful blog I can somehow imagine , that you would like the sewing machine :)
    und danke Petra und Zoltan .... Trotz der Erfahrung , dass einem ja denn doch immer wieder etwas einfaellt, macht man sich beim naechsten Mal ja denn doch wieder Sorgen :)) SOLLTE man sich abgewoehnen .... Vielen Dank, dass Ihr immer wieder mal hier vorbeischaut ...

  5. :faint:
    How special!
    nostalgia--and that red stitching!
    What a mark!
    I am drawn to it for my own personal reasons--and just like threads--connect--these reach me.
    I suppose that is the wonder of the arts.
    No matter the oceans divide or borders --etc etc--
    art speaks...heART indeed!
    I consider your work and it makes me think how far removed I am from what I'd actually like to accomplish via some sort of visual arts voice--I struggle to find it...and have for decades.
    Yet---When you see someone who has reached--or ummm How can I explain--Someone whose voice is obviously echoed in their work-- it makes me muse deeply on what one can do--when they find it.
    and when it is found--It can't be faked--or feigned---since it shouts out loud.
    Your work shouts out loud--and yet--doesn't hurt the senses.
    I hope this doesn't sound like flattery--
    I reference my thoughts from a very limited exposure to the arts-- so --for me--keeping things limited--makes those I do happenstance upon--that more special.

  6. thank you Stef.... I AM flattered .... but in a good way :) you made my day !!!