Thursday, June 30, 2011

The last 3 days of the 30 day art challenge

day 30 b ( the end !!!) 

Day 30 a 

Day 29 b

Day 29 a 

Day 28 c

Day 28 b 

Day 28 a 

The last day of my challenge to fill a sketchbook in 30 days ! Hurrrraaayyyyyyy ! I did it ... The sketchbook is full and I should have enough ideas for bigger paintings for the next few months :) 
I have enjoyed that project very much ... Not only to have FINALLY a full sketchbook, but also the challenge to come up with new ideas, even when you think  "Today I can't think of anything" ! I also had such an amazing response from my 'Red Bubble' friends, that I have to recommend to other artists who are not on Red Bubble to try it out ! I am somehow already missing my sketchbook ...I think tomorrow I will have to get a new one.... ;-)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 27 a

Day 27 b 

Day 27 c 

Day 26

Day 25 c

Day 25 b 

Day 25 a
It is not that long to go anymore until I finish this sketchbook. I am looking forward to the last page and at the same time I know I will miss it :) 
But I decided to always have a sketchbook and to work daily on it . Probably even few different ones ! One for drawings, 
One for just colour combinations and scraps ,
One  for ideas and little paintings like this one !
So I need three new sketchbooks ....

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

sketchbook, sketchbook, sketchbook...

Day 21c

Day 21 a 

Day 21 b 

I have just decided today not to stress too much with this 'finishing a sketchbook in 30 days ' .... I didn't count my pages before I started :)) I somehow thought , that I would do fine with one sketch a day ! So that is how I started . Later on I realised, that the book has 60 ( 60 !!!) pages , so now to finish it in my own challenge, I have to do 3 a day ( and I still have one day rest if I want ...) Is all this counting not contra creative ? If you just paint because 'you have to finish the job ' not a secure thing to fail in the painting ? Though... I like the saying that
 ' inspiration for the artist is a luxury , you have to work for the inspiration ' 
well... I will still try my best :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Sunday, June 19, 2011

sunday sketch !

Day 18 a 

Day 18 b 

Day 18 c 

Day 18 c 

Day 19 

" photo of the day "

Today ( actually day 19 ) I just made one sketch, which is not a lot compared to the last couple of days... But it is SUNDAY :) Time for a break really. 
What amazes me the most about my "30 day fill the sketchbook project" is, that even when I think " no, today I can't think of anything " something DOES come up! It is just about starting ..... not even thinking about it, but actually opening the book with a pen in your hand ! 
The " photo of the day " is my first photo I made , that I actually like  !

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

halfway through the 30 day art challenge !!!

Day 15 

Day 14 a

Day 14 b 

Day 14 c 
 Well, I am halfway through my own challenge to finish a sketchbook in 30 days ...
BUT I have more than half still empty pages in the book ! Therefore, I will have to work a bit harder for the next couple of days to keep up .
I do enjoy a lot working on those sketches, I just don't get to paint anything else ! People always think, just because a painting is smaller, that it takes less time..... well, let me tell you : " that is not the case at all" not in my case anyway ! I can work the whole day on a small work and some times it is even possible to finish a big canvas in one day . Once again : no rules in art :))

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 11 - a  ( the fainter ) mixed media on paper 

Day 11 - b Mixed media on paper

daily photo number 4 

Friday, June 10, 2011

rebirth ....

Rebirth Mixed media and collage on paper. 29x41cm.

Day 10 - b 

Day 10 - a 

photo 3 .....

Still working on Red Riding Hood, even after every painting I think, that it would be the last one in the series... but 'they keep coming up' :) 
Also still working on my 30 day art challenge to finish a sketchbook in 30 days (  a third of the book should be done by now ...will have to start to count the pages !)
And another challenge has been created called the '365 days challenge'.... So that will take a bit longer ! Also it is not about paintings but photography. I am not a photographer at all , I always wonder how people can take so nice pictures, even I see the same , even I take the same picture... mine always look ordinary ... but I will work on it , I hope that in 365 days I will at least have ONE GOOD PICTURE  :)