Tuesday, June 21, 2011

sketchbook, sketchbook, sketchbook...

Day 21c

Day 21 a 

Day 21 b 

I have just decided today not to stress too much with this 'finishing a sketchbook in 30 days ' .... I didn't count my pages before I started :)) I somehow thought , that I would do fine with one sketch a day ! So that is how I started . Later on I realised, that the book has 60 ( 60 !!!) pages , so now to finish it in my own challenge, I have to do 3 a day ( and I still have one day rest if I want ...) Is all this counting not contra creative ? If you just paint because 'you have to finish the job ' not a secure thing to fail in the painting ? Though... I like the saying that
 ' inspiration for the artist is a luxury , you have to work for the inspiration ' 
well... I will still try my best :)


  1. Sobald es Zwang wird, ist ja auch die Freude weg, oder? Lass es einfach so weiter fliessen - so wirkt es jedenfalls. Ich mag am Skizzenbuch, dass es mich immer weitertreibt auf die nächste Seite.
    Liebe Grüße vom regnerischen Sommeranfang am anderen Ende der Welt
    die Müllerin

  2. gorgeous pages! am especially drawn to 21a.

  3. I LOVE your sketches, they are so amazing, full of mystery, strength, and earth power and honesty. I just discovered you, but added you on my blogroll, and will visit you often to see what else you create.

  4. Die 3 gefallen mir sehr gut. Ich mag die Idee mit den Luftballonen und ich liebe Deine Farben.
    lieben Gruß

  5. Danke Muellerin and thank you Zenddotstuio ! As well as oneartistjournal ( will come and visit you too :)) und Petra : schoen , dass Du wieder da bist und danke natuerlich :)

  6. Just happened upon your blog and sketchbook - beautiful and inspiring - and so agree; sometimes one can over-challenge oneself and the fire dies to a spark rather than a bright and living flame. With all good wishes.