Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Sisters

Sisters   Mixed media in sketchbook

After not painting for so many months, it is a bit difficult to get back into it ! Also because the time seems so short and precious and I think " It needs to be good, there is no time to waste here" and this sort of thinking is the worse for a painting.  In those cases the best for me to do is to work in my little sketchbook, where I can't even take the painting out, because I am working on both pages . Meaning that I just paint for the sake of painting. It is small, so it's also 'not too serious' .... I never seem to take my smaller works really serious, I think,  I still believe in " as bigger the painting as betterit is " How stupid really, as some of my best paintings I believe are small !!!
Also I chose an old theme of mine, that I haven't explored a lot yet ..... The sisters ! There is more to come there....

Monday, June 25, 2012


Ready   Mixed media on recycled paper  29x43cm.
Well.... this is the first post after half a year !!!
I have been so busy with my new studies (Interior Design) that I just didn't have any computer time for myself and no time at all for painting !

 I missed it a lot....

So this is the first painting after such a long 'non painting time' in my semester break.

I won't be able to paint a lot in that time, but I promise the next time at least I will let you know before I go ! At least now I know that next to studies, there is NO time for anything else :) I hope you are all well and busy doing your creative works ! I will come and visit the next couple of days !!!