Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Sisters

Sisters   Mixed media in sketchbook

After not painting for so many months, it is a bit difficult to get back into it ! Also because the time seems so short and precious and I think " It needs to be good, there is no time to waste here" and this sort of thinking is the worse for a painting.  In those cases the best for me to do is to work in my little sketchbook, where I can't even take the painting out, because I am working on both pages . Meaning that I just paint for the sake of painting. It is small, so it's also 'not too serious' .... I never seem to take my smaller works really serious, I think,  I still believe in " as bigger the painting as betterit is " How stupid really, as some of my best paintings I believe are small !!!
Also I chose an old theme of mine, that I haven't explored a lot yet ..... The sisters ! There is more to come there....


  1. Bonjour Michèle,
    Je découvre ton blog avec grand intérêt. Il me fait du bien.
    En dehors du vrai travail de création, j'y retrouve ce à quoi, je m'attache, un vrai sens de l'humain, plus même, de l'humanité. C'est un bien précieux que celui d'avoir comme toi, ce don assez rare de nos temps.
    Sois en remerciée et à bientôt.


  2. Michele, sadly I often feel the say way about bigger/smaller works. Many times though my smaller mixed media work is superior to the large paintings but I have to price them lower than the larger works for them to sell. It will be interesting to see where you go with the "sister" theme. Take care xo

  3. I LOVE your work, it's full of sentiment and soul and you must believe it!!!
    "Sisters" is a great subject; I am one of three and I understand the vastness of areas to explore, the layers of surfaces to uncover, the myriad of textures to try to recognize and understand...
    Καλή επιτυχία!!!

  4. ahhh... i am so glad to see your paintings again. michele...

    yes, yes, we think the most ridiculous things!


  5. I feel the same way about smaller paintings. Isn't that strange?