Interior Design portfolio

Presenting my portfolio done during my studies of Interior Design and Decoration at RMIT, starting with the winning 'Room by Design' for the GRAND DESIGN exhibition Melbourne 2013

The judges John Eussen (Eusssen Living), Peter Maddison (Grand Designs Australia), Kevin McCloud (Grand Designs UK) and Andrea Lucena-Orr (Dulux Colour Specialist).

"Keep in Touch" an inspirational workspace

...a few words about the space...

The brief was to create a room in the future either a cleansing, private, living or working space. I have chosen a working space because I believe that there will be the biggest changes in the future due to technology. We will work more from home. That is why I chose an artist / designer space, as they are already working from home. Because we will be more surrounded by screens, I believe we will need more tactile materials around us...  shown in this arrangement in the drawers of the bespoke cabinet where Melbourne's creative community has placed inspiring materials in them.

We will need to design around objects that are already existing (recycle / upcycle ), because we have more than enough already in this world. In this case that means, that first the drawers had to be found (on Melbourne's green stripe) and then I designed the cabinet.

The black and white entrance of the space represents a transition area to go into our working space (as we won't have the train or car drive to work anymore…) The arches are crooked to trigger our senses, which is the basic to become creative. The video of the sea in the background shows that our main inspiration will always be nature... The paper ceiling represents new materials of the future, they might be materials that we already use, but in a different way ( in this case it is recycled paper covered with bee wax ) and the drafting table shows, that in future we might not sit down more on a desk crouched over our computers, because the sitting destroys ours backs and we should work in a  standing up position (which really is not such a new idea... but certainly the way to go :) ...

"Fitzroy Pool re-development" Presentation board

"M 33" Soft Furnishing Presentation boards

 Warehouse conversion - floor plan and materials

Warehouse Conversion

Floor plan for children's room 'Casper'

Presentation board for children's room 'Casper'

"Children's bedroom" Soft furnishing and hand rendering

"Furniture Fusion" Inserting a modern furniture piece into a traditional space

"My Space" an interior created in Photoshop

Materials board done in Photoshop


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