Wednesday, June 15, 2011

halfway through the 30 day art challenge !!!

Day 15 

Day 14 a

Day 14 b 

Day 14 c 
 Well, I am halfway through my own challenge to finish a sketchbook in 30 days ...
BUT I have more than half still empty pages in the book ! Therefore, I will have to work a bit harder for the next couple of days to keep up .
I do enjoy a lot working on those sketches, I just don't get to paint anything else ! People always think, just because a painting is smaller, that it takes less time..... well, let me tell you : " that is not the case at all" not in my case anyway ! I can work the whole day on a small work and some times it is even possible to finish a big canvas in one day . Once again : no rules in art :))


  1. Fantastic! this is going to be THE most amazing sketchbook!!!
    You are so right about the amount of effort/time on small versus large works, but your "small" works are so worth the time spent...

  2. beeindruckende bilder!
    ich kenn das nur zu gut: kleine bilder sind manchmal sehr viel arbeitsaufwändiger als große...
    weiterhin "good luck" mit dem sketchbook!

  3. I think this is Marvelous!! It is a pleasure to watch happen. I love the challenge of small works. You do very well - there is an intimacy about them. :)

  4. Tolle Bilder mal wieder! Ich bin immer ganz beeindruckt, wenn ich hier gucken komme! Diesmal gefallen mir vor allem die ersten beiden! Die Farben sind wunderbar!

  5. thank you Anna, you always make my day with your comments :) And thank you Limerick , it is so nice to have you also here in the blogger world :))
    Und tausend Dank Mano... puhhhhh.... das sind noch sooooooo viele weisse Seiten !!! Und danke fuer den Besuch Jutti und die netten Worte :)