Friday, June 10, 2011

rebirth ....

Rebirth Mixed media and collage on paper. 29x41cm.

Day 10 - b 

Day 10 - a 

photo 3 .....

Still working on Red Riding Hood, even after every painting I think, that it would be the last one in the series... but 'they keep coming up' :) 
Also still working on my 30 day art challenge to finish a sketchbook in 30 days (  a third of the book should be done by now ...will have to start to count the pages !)
And another challenge has been created called the '365 days challenge'.... So that will take a bit longer ! Also it is not about paintings but photography. I am not a photographer at all , I always wonder how people can take so nice pictures, even I see the same , even I take the same picture... mine always look ordinary ... but I will work on it , I hope that in 365 days I will at least have ONE GOOD PICTURE  :)


  1. thank you Ilka , that gives me courage :))

  2. Rebirth- wow! Your sketches are like finished pieces; I can't imagine how you did all of this so fast.

  3. thank you Sharmon .... I just woke up every morning at 4 o'clock.... Noooooooo, just joking .... the sketchbook is really small, just 15 x 15 cm !