Monday, February 21, 2011

summer fruits

Summerfruits Mixed media on paper. 29x41cm. 
Something very classical today ... I never paint still life , because they never really interest me. Except for some times bottles and pots ! I can't even  remember when I painted the last time fruits ( maybe even NEVER ...) But my theory normally is : It doesn't matter WHAT you paint... It is about the act of painting itself and about the colours. .. So why not a bowl of fruits ? Because there are already THOUSANDS  existing ? But everything else has also been painting for thousands of times....
 I remember when I studied , once of the saying I heard a lot was : " You can't paint anymore... painting is passe " But now painting is back to being 'fashionable' .... So why not painting some fruits ? But just for today :)


  1. so enjoy your work and the different subjects and stories. Very beautiful, very yummy :)

  2. Hallo Michele,
    ich finde dein Stilleben wunderschön.
    Die Farben, die Komposition, alles gelungen!
    lG, Ralf

  3. ich finde, du solltest ruhig öfter stilleben malen. ich mag deine früchte sehr!
    freut mich übrigens, dass dir der herr mit den gummihandschuhen gefallen hat!
    lg - hier zeigt das thermometer minus 9 grad, da ist kein gedanke an sommerliches obst...!

  4. thanks Mel :) I just had a look at your beautiful new yummy book :)
    Und danke Ralf und Mano... Ich weiss nicht ob ich den Mut fuer ein Stillleben wieder finden werde :)) Aber auf jeden Fall hat es Spass gemacht, ich hatte ja gedacht, dass ich das gar nicht kann :))

  5. Michele!!!
    you spoil my eyes!
    I did not want to log in --but!!!
    I cant help but let you know what your work does to me.
    Thank you--for bringing some visual glee to my heart--n mind.
    Wonderful wonderful wonderfull...
    I just noticed above that your comment on someone elses book...Do you have a book?
    you know those blurb books or what not?
    i wish i could describe what it is --or why it is your work has such an impact on me...
    Maybe because it reminds me of an artist---from a long time ago--whose work I just fell in love with. Its sort of similar--collage--mixed media--but so well balanced.
    pleasing to the eye.
    Thank you again...
    for the joy!!!
    for the loveliness in an era where there is far too much 'ugliness' abounding.

  6. Stef.... You make me speechless ... thank you for your wonderful words :)