Saturday, December 18, 2010

where the wind takes me

Where the wind takes me Mixed media on paper ( 30x30cm.) 
This is also one painting of the 'the travel' series. It has been the idea of the work "the light in the distance beckons" that I painted after this one. I often work first small in sketchbooks or just on ' leftover' papers with no value, and when I like the result I paint it in bigger on 'serious' canvas. But often the 'translation ' doesn't work... I wonder why.... I suppose, because the spontaneity is lost, the feelings might be lost too.  Sometimes it works, but just if I am flexible enough to change even the idea....
The light in the distance beckons
Encaustic on linen 70x100cm.
A not very good photo of the work.... the suitcases are actually in rust ... I find encaustic extremely difficult to photograph ... sorry !!


  1. my favorite is the first one!!!!!!!I love the colours!

    greetings Ilka!

  2. Thank you Ilka ! I am enjoying your blog a lot by the way :-)

  3. Love the first one too! I know how hard it is to reproduce an original piece of art in a satisfactory way.

  4. thank you Rob, maybe we should even stop trying to 'reproduce' just moving to the next picture.... :-)