Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Where I come from.
My grandfather ( from my mothers side ) is the first boy on the left side.
I love this photo... It shows such an old time, that really doesn't exist anymore, and it is not thaaaaaat long time ago. Where families got done a photo maybe once in their life time. No smiling.... carrying a flower... in contrast to our 'overload ' of photos ! I am fascinated by their faces and trying to read into them . And there she is: my great grand-mother with these unbelievable rough hands.... and her eyes ! Will do a little bit of work about that ! Now during the holidays is a good time. It won't be anything big and loud... Maybe just few drawings !

Great grand-mother's hands. drawing on paper. 20x20cm.


  1. Oh, was für eine wunderbare Idee.
    Was diese Hände alles gemacht oder vollbracht haben.
    Die Hände unserer Mütter ,sie können zwar alt und zerschunden sein, aber Die Hände unserer Mütter werden dennnoch immer die Hände sein , die uns trösten, streicheln , schützen und behüten können oder konnten... Voller Liebe. So schön

  2. You always get such wonderful feeling into your work.

  3. thank you Rob and Doreen, it is always nice to hear from you :-)