Monday, December 20, 2010

the spirit is .... one

The Spirit is (g) one Collage. 18x24cm.

It started with doing little  angels for the Christmas tree out of old notes and books. But than the negative shape was too good to just throw away ! So my little play ended up with a little play with words. 'the spirit is one'.... but now around Christmas time ( especially in the shopping centres), it feels more like the spirit is gone... !
But maybe it is also just me... missing a German Christmas with cold and snow and darkness.  Christmas in summer still doesn't really work for me ( not that it is hot here anyway... so that is not tooo bad :-)


  1. The Spirit is (g)one
    das trifft schon beides sehr gut. Eigentlich so eine schöne Zeit und man ist doch a Bisserl genervt.
    Deine Engel bringen etwas Ruhe zurück. Durchatmen - einfach sein.
    Und hier bringe ich Dir noch ein paar Schneeflocken aus Germany ***************** ;)

  2. hahahahah.... danke soooo sehr fuer die Schneeflocken !!! vielen Dank fuer Deine netten Worte !!

  3. excellent work!! I like it very much..

  4. that is nice to hear Nick :-) eycharisto !!!