Monday, September 27, 2010

Grey day !

After the hope of finally 'spring coming' yesterday, today the contrast ...... winter again , grey grey day..... 

So back to winter , and back to winter mood !
No 'light' picture  today but a 'heavy' one.... 
Strange though, the 'heavy' ones , I find normally more 'true' if that makes any sense ? 
Maybe the happy paintings don't have the depth? 
But also , I think sadness is easier to paint than happiness ( It looks for example more natural to paint a sad face, than a laughing one... the laughing does easily look strange on a painting, I wonder why ...)

mixed media on old book . 19x25cm.

Tomorrow, I am leaving for 2 days to go to the beach, so hopefully I will come back , full of inspiration.... 

( that is what the sea does  !  ) 

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