Friday, September 17, 2010


Today I would like to show a little bit of 'the book' 
'The book ' is a sketchbook done from my friend Harriet, who lives in Berlin and who's art i really like
 ( she has a lot of humour and great skills ) and me here in Melbourne.
The whole idea started long time ago, when we decided to send each other a postcard once the month...
Which was difficult already after the second month ...
( I am really bad in posting ...) 
Anyway this year we decided to work together on a sketchbook ! And to avoid the problem with the posting, we do it over the Internet !
The idea is to respond to each others work. 
Communication in another level.
We got so much into it, that it didn't happen once or twice the month, but every day !!!
It is a bit of a shame, that these paintings, drawings, mixed media  are stuck inside this book, it would be nice to see them  printed, but I suppose that is always the problem with an artist book .
A painting you can at least hang on the wall and enjoy !

And here a couple ( always two belonging together )  

Emu and love



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