Monday, September 13, 2010

The Copper Riders ( Kupferne Reiterinnen )

Still holidays... But maybe I could show  during these holidays a little bit of my work so far  on this blog. 
Today i would like to introduce my 'copper riders' . I still have to find my first 'Kuperne Reiterinnen" that I painted when I studied. But because that was still in the analog time , I do not have the photos here on the computer ( I don't even know where these photos could be with all these moving countries ...) 
I paint in different situations in my life a copper rider . So far , I have 6 . 
The first 2 were when I studied. 
the Number 3 was when I was pregnant and  I needed to be strong ( the first one here )
Number 4 is the dark red one, at a stage when I thought my life was just staying still ....
Number 5 is the rusty one... starting to get old and stiff , and quieter and without a fighting attitude anymore.
Number 6 the last one ( green ) is the one in the stage that I am now. Looking more in the past than into the future... Looking back instead of moving forward . 





  1. Michele,

    your work looks great on the net ...your blog is getting very interesting ....especiallly with THE BOOK about to live on the internet and shared with others might start a fashion ...perhaps
    Great Work .... I look forward to the future og your life unravelling

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  3. thank you, and it starts to be fun and enjoyable to do !!!