Friday, March 11, 2011


Searching. Mixed media and collage on paper. 29x41cm.

A painting about ageing.... and starting to .... search !!


  1. I like this. Love the emotion in your work.

  2. Hello from Greece!
    This is the best -for me- in your blog till now. Because it's the most emotional and deep.

  3. Thank you Jann and Doreen :) and eycharisto Giorgaklis.... greetings back to Greece :)

  4. how do you do it!
    I disappear for but a few days and Viola!...
    wonder full!!! eye seizures.
    Have you done a blurb book?
    did I ask that already?
    I need to have some mini collection of your work...before its untouchable!
    Thank you for sharing your gifts.
    I know i sound redundant....but--i am never ever surprised...and I have serious ADD---

  5. ah Stef ..... I might ask you to write something for my next exhibition :))
    thank you for your wonderful words ... big hug across the sea to you !!!