Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Grown up

Grown up   Mixed media ( Acrylic and collage ) on linen   51x51cm.

Today I was working on canvas again ! Which I normally  like... But after all these months working on paper, I was  missing the 'liberty of the paper', because  it gives you the feeling , that it is not 'that important'! The difference is also that the canvas doesn't give you as much  resistance like  the wood behind the paper does ! 
.... But I like the linen colour and also that you can see the work without having a glass in between !


  1. oh, her eyes, michele...

    i have been thinking about painting on something other than paper lately. but then i do so love the 'freedom' (or, as you say, 'liberty') of paper. and that there's so much of it already out there, ready to use...


  2. I was sitting in the bath last night thinking about your work. There is something about your art that stirs me, makes me think, its tells many stories, each piece is like reading a book. I was thinking about how wonderful it must be to be a trained artist, how you are able to tell a story. At the moment I just play with painting - I think for me the process of creating tells more of a story than the actual works I make. I can tell stories through my textile art. All of this I was contemplating in the tub - with your art as the beginning of the train of thought - I find a little irony in your discussion of media today.

  3. Thank you Lynne :) I always like to change my media when it starts to be a bit toooo easy ( if that makes sense ...?)
    and thank you Clare.... that is quite wonderful, that my paintings have made you think all that :) I also believe that for me the creating itself is more important than the end product of the painting ! And I often also think, that for 'non trained artists' it might be often more easy to be free and not to have all those 'rules' and art history in your head... :) And I didn't want to sound ironic with my short media words today ! I just have to readjust at the moment ! I am happy to paint on paper, but would like to work bigger again ... and don't like the framing much :)

  4. ce regard michele.. il me fait tant de bien.. il dégage la paix et la sérénité.. merci

  5. et la douceur aussi. tellement de douceur..

  6. Interesting! I prefer canvas to paper because you're allowed to make more mistakes, block it out, and do over. I'm too hard on paper, and I usually tear it or poke through it. But, I have to use light molding paste or paper on my canvas before I start. I don't like the little holes. lol

  7. I agree with Lynne about the eyes! Wonderful!

    About working on paper . . acrylic buckles paper . . I'd try oil on paper, but have to prime with gesso first? . . hence not lying flat again?

    Your thoughts?

  8. Hi Michele. I totally understand about working on canvas after working on paper! The cost of framing seems to prohibit me from travelling too far from canvas or wood.

    Your work is so interesting. I enjoyed reading earlier posts and love your Red Riding work. I just signed up to be your newest follower. If you'd like come for a visit at my blog!

  9. Yes I suffer from the feeling that the canvas is too precious but I see that has not hampered you at all.

    Love that the wolf keeps emerging in new and interesting ways. Love the newsprint showing.

    And she is truly soulful as are all your women. She has a wise, confident, knowing look as in "grown up" Does she know a little secret? I think so.

  10. grown up, i cant wait to get there. do you buy pre-stretched canvases or stretch your own? for me, to stretch my own is freeing. the pre-stretched things are so expensive and also a bit intimidating.

    i too like painting on canvas as the above commenter said as one can paint over and do layers easier. i can never paint a thing right the first time and need to revise, much easier on canvas.

  11. I do always stretch my own canvases, because i like the one with the depth... and to buy them ready are really expensive ! I do find that canvas is more durable then paper, but I think I would even like more to paint on wood, because of the resistance ! Though it becomes very heavy and there again you need a frame at the end !!!