Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Solo Exhibition

Join me at Michele Meister's Solo Exhibition,

Exploring Inner Sanctum – select works on

paper and canvas by Michele Meister

I am having a solo show at Red Bubble, where you are able to see my work in larger so you can see more details! I hope to 'see' you there !!


  1. Congratulations Michele! Your poster/postcard is fabulous! As is all your work. Best wishes.

  2. Liebe Michele,
    Wünsch Dir eine wunderbare, erfolgreiche Woche, aber auch viel Spaß bei Deiner Ausstellung.
    Das Plakat finde ich sehr gelungen.
    Freu mich für Dich
    viele , liebe Grüße

  3. Congratulations Michelle, a wonderful collection full of your amazing work. :) Mel

  4. an on-line show. that's pretty clever. hope to be there. best, suki

  5. loved the show. nice to see your works all together and larger like this and to skim the comments from so many people.

    i actually wrote a poem years ago, recently revised, that goes so well with one of your drawings, the one with the person on their knees holding a bowl out to the woolf. will try to find yr email and send. blessings, suki

  6. How I wish I could be there...
    Kalh epityxia!!!

  7. Congratulations Michele... I just KNOW it will be a raging success.

  8. I really need to check in on red bubble more often! sorry i missed this.
    Next stop...
    out of the cyber and on to real 3D walls!!!