Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mixed media and collage on paper 29x43 cm.

Red Riding Hood   Acrylic on paper 29x43cm.

I didn't paint for 2 weeks after my little '30 day art challenge, not because I needed a brake, but because there was the school holidays and even I wanted to paint , there is never enough time !

Even after  only this short brake, I feel somehow it is starting from the beginning again ... The question , WHAT to paint and even HOW to paint :) 

The first day I painted the 'Red Riding Hood' which really was just an enlargement of one of the sketches. The sketch is much stronger as always .... I don't even know why I bother to rework sketches in a larger size , but as a starting point after resting for 2 weeks , it was probably sensitive to do ! The painting yesterday 'Unschuld' was  a new idea, but still involves the wolf and Red Riding Hood . 

With the title I realised, that some words you just can not translate. ' Unschuld' ( German )  meaning : innocence, but also virginity and it has the word 'Schuld' which means 'fault, mistake' and 'schuldig' is 'guilty' which  with other words means , once you loose your innocence you are guilty ! So I left the German title ... There are so many words that you can't translate without loosing some of it's meaning ! 

At the end one question, that you maybe can help me with ...Why do you call 'Red Riding Hood' like that in english ? In all other languages I am aware of, she is called after her red hood ... Why is she riding ? Does anybody know ?


  1. Beautiful pieces. They are so wistful and mysterious. I love them and your use of the word (and translation for us).

    My guess on the red "riding" hood is that the cloak or cape with the hood was worn for riding, as in riding a horse and it was red so became "little red riding hood". I could be completely wrong, but that would be the only thing that would make sense to me.

  2. I agree with Zen Dot . . wistful and mysterious. I was stumped about the "riding" until I read her comment. Makes perfect sense!

    I enjoyed seeing your redbubble with all the paintings displayed together.

  3. oh, i just love that i've found your art here ... it's all so beautiful and mystical.

    I had no idea that in other languages she was referred to without the "riding" part in her name. As far as I know the name originates from the children's fairytale, of which there are different versions. In the Grimm version her name was Little Red Cap. Charles Perrault dubbed her Little Red Riding Hood ( Le Petit Chaperon rouge) after the riding hood her grandmother made for her.

  4. eine grosse spontane malerei..wenn auch in kleinem format.. gefällt mir sehr gut!
    ich finde den wolf im bauch herrlich! so sehe ich das Rotkäppchen gerne!

  5. thank you Zen for your explanation that makes a lot of sense :) and to you too Joanne for letting me know that she is also referred as little red Cap !! and a thank you to Joanne and Elfi for your wondeful words as well !

  6. j'aime tellement cette série avec les loups..