Thursday, July 28, 2011


Portrait  Mixed media and collage on paper 29x43cm. 

This is a typical 'Michele Portrait' .... When I don't have a model or a photo, my portraits look all similar ! First at al,l they all look so sad and always a little bit like they are coming from another world !!!
Even when I have a look at really old portraits that I have done when I studied, they have the same expression ! I wonder why that is....


  1. i simply can't imagine conjuring such soulful beauty from thin air... *sigh*

  2. It's the eyes that grab you... so much to tell there.

  3. It is a wonderful piece as usual. Interesting that you find a thread of similarity from old work to present. Perhaps that is your signature, what is uniquely you in your work? I love it.

    And I always feel your work comes from deep inside and in truth we all have some sadness inside us and that is just what's coming out onto the paper. It is the eyes I think that give it a "soulful" look, not necessarily sad.

    Interesting for you to ask yourself (if you perceive sadness) what is that all about?) and see what comes up.

  4. thank you all for your encouraging comments :) and interesting about the sadness in oneselves.... I also think , that sadness is easier to paint or more 'worth' painting , if that makes sense??? I don't often see something happy that I think " oh I have to paint that' ... different with sad images....I am sure it has also to do with me ;-)

  5. very interesting style! great work

  6. thank you Lusine for your nice words !