Saturday, January 21, 2012

Memories  sketchbook 15x30cm 
After a long break, I am starting to get back into painting. The best way for me to start, is to start small and with not much exception ( which actually is always a good starting point !) 
More playing than planing.... 
This year I will have less time to paint as I will start to study ( interior design ) , but my plan is to still work in my sketchbooks and maybe to combine interiors with painting.... Not really sure how all that is going to work together ! But the idea of course is to keep painting  !!!


  1. a lovely new beginning! your people are wonderful as always. good luck with your school! look forward to seeing interiors in your painting.

  2. I missed you and your drawing journal entries...
    Welcome back and all the best in the next (art school) chapter!

  3. And I am looking forward to paintings in your interiors too!
    best of times with school and painting. I bet pinterest will help. at least some, with the interior design classes.

  4. i think i am just a book/journal lover... when i see your paintings in a book i love them even more than when they're on a canvas. ; ) these pages make me smile. they *feel* so good. i am looking forward to wherever this year in paints leads you!


  5. avec ton pas arrêter de peindre!..même en sachant que la peinture ne rapporte que de la satisfaction personnelle..bonnes études!

  6. deine sketchbook-seiten sind immer wieder eine freudige überraschung für mich. diese ist wieder ganz besonders, sehr eigen und läßt mich auch erinnern...
    grüße aus dem verregneten deutschland, mano

  7. Hallo liebe Michele,
    schön das Du Dir eine Pause gegönnt hast und noch schöner das wir wieder Deine neuen Arbeiten sehen dürfen. Deine Memories passe sehr gut jetzt am Jahresanfang und auch Dein header gefällt mir sehr. ich mag Kreise.
    Liebe Grüße aus Bayern. Vergangene Nacht viel Schnee aber dann hat es den ganzen Tag geregnet und der Schnee is wieder weg. Mist. ;)

  8. Hi, it's nice to see you playing! Congratulations on taking the step into school. I look forward to seeing how it will inspire your painting. Take care.

  9. eine so wunderbare und starke arbeit!