Monday, August 15, 2011

Black Riding Hood

Black Riding Hood Mixed media and collage on paper 29x41cm. 

I think 'slowly slowly' I am getting away from Red Riding Hood :)
 ...Even I might have said that already a month ago !


  1. I'm drawn to the red scratching on the side of this art work, i'm not sure why but it is quiet powerful.

  2. michelle, i feel that all of my comments here will be a variation of the words - oh my! i love this! it seems that the more moved i am by someone's art, the less articulate i am in expressing myself about it! but today i do want to add that i especially love the wolf being sheet music, and also the heart. i really love that heart...


  3. i love this. which is a lame thing to say, but so true.
    i followed a link from another blog that inspires me and was like, "oh! why the hell am i Not following this blog?!?"
    so now that i'm here, yikes! I love your art!


  4. wegen mir mußt Du mit dem Thema nicht aufhören.. immer wieder anders... immer wieder so spannend deine Arbeiten.. bin immer wieder so begeistert.
    xx petra

  5. ich mag deinen wolf in all seinen variationen, aber ich kann auch verstehen, dass er vielleicht mal einen anderen wald aufsuchen sollte...

  6. Thank you Clare, Lynne, Amy, Petra and Mano :)
    @Clare: I feel the same way :)
    @ Lynne : I find it also very challenging to write about a work that touches me, maybe we shouldn't even try ;-)....
    @ Amy : So nice to have you around with your kind comment :))
    @Petra und Mano : Vielleicht geht er nur kurz weg und kommt regelmaessig zu Besuch :)

  7. ja Purpur.... ich glaube er laesst sich gar nicht mehr wegschicken ;-)

  8. I really like your Red Riding Hood series... why stop, if you still have more to say?

  9. wieder was, das mir besonders gefällt!

  10. wonderful work!
    Congratulations from Portugal :)