Saturday, December 17, 2011


Europe   Mixed media (Verdigris, biro, coffee and collage) on paper   29x41cm.
A little bit of Greek Mythology painted on an old wine menu ! The meaning of the Greek writing  is 'poor Europe'.
I know I just had a break, but around Christmas time ( the same everywhere ) there is just not enough time for the 'to do list' .... So I am not having a break, but will be posting probably not as regularly here as I wished for :)


  1. Michele, yes, even before reading your note, immediately my thought went to "the rape of Europa" and mythology. the wine must be for tribute to Bacchus! and el Torro. But sadly there is not myth regarding, "poor Europe" such force, moving forward one hopes. cheers, henrietta

  2. Brilliant artwork - so dynamic and powerful. Inspiring bits of collage, too!