Saturday, January 8, 2011

Reise No 2

Reise No2 Mixed media on paper 18x23cm. 
Playing a little bit with the paper itself in crunching it and unfolding it again... After that was done, I just painted with ink on top of it, so the ink would set inside the folds. Would love now to work with wax on top.... but I am not in the studio.....


  1. Lovely composition - You are very brave with mixing up the media. Do you know the work of the american Artist Alert Pinkham Ryder, he used was mixed with paint a lot, wonderful work, very challenging to preserve but luminous.

  2. thank you Susan ... I just had a look at Alert Pinkham Ryder's work ! Absolutely stunning.... loved it ! Thank you for letting me know :-)

  3. what a great idea!
    the texture adds such a kick!...