Friday, November 26, 2010

Inner Freedom

Inner Freedom N°2.
Mixed media on material+panel. 

I am just coming back from a small exhibition of my work at the East Language Centre in Melbourne. It is always such a pleasure to have people really looking at your work and also so tense. And of course a lot of questions..... questions that are easy to answer and questions that are impossible to answer. A lot of
"why's?".... and some times I have to say : " I don't know, it just happened that way ..." And than I have to think of this artist ( can not remember WHO it was ... maybe someone can help me here ) :
" It might be coincidence that it got onto the painting , but it is NOT a coincidence  that it stayed there" ...


  1. Sometimes I feel that we artists are just nets, sometimes we catch something wonderful to show the world. This is a lovely piece of work.

  2. thank you Ilka and susan....very very nice words..

  3. Sehr schöne Arbeit. Ich mag Texte und Schriften in Bildern sehr. Und ja , der letzte Satz ist wohl wahr. Ich liebe Zufälle die auf meinen Arbeiten entstehen , aber es ist bei mir auch manchmal Zufall ,das ich es stehen lasse ;)

  4. Danke Petra, da hast Du vielleicht auch recht, dass der Zufall auch mal Sachen stehen laesst.... ABER DU entscheidest ob das Bild fertig ist.... ;-)

  5. Hello Michelle
    I also started a blog recently so when I saw a mention on your RB profile I am here to have a look ...and I like what I see very much ....
    ..all the best :)
    your bubbler fan

  6. Hi Anna, I still find it a bit tricky here.... still don't really understand how for example YOU see , that I answer on your comment ? ( it's a bit different than the bubble isn't it ? ??? ) where everything goes real quick! anyway , thank you for your comment :-) and I am following you now, ( not to put you under any pressure.. ;-)

  7. Wonderful! I love the overall feel in this piece!

  8. thank you Rob ..... nice to hear :-)